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Kennel Twin Hills

Twin Hills L-litter

Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:50:33

Our L-litter is born, Twin Hills Incredible Mercedes got 7 puppies today
(21 August 2014) 5 boys and 2 girls, all single color in different shades of fawn,
with white markings on the tail, neck and paws. Dad Twin Hills JJ inspects the
pups with great interest

Twin Hills K-litter

Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:50:07

Twin Hills K-litter born 2014

K-litter (4+2) born 2014-01-04
Sobresalto Quann Staje C’me-re / Twin Hills Glorious
8 weeks

Twin Hills J-litter

Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:49:36

Twin Hills J-litter born 2012

I-litter (3+2) born 2012-07-02
Ch Woodbrook’s Askme Howifeel / Twin Hills Glorious
8 weeks

Twin Hills I-litter

Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:48:57

Twin Hills I-litter born 2011

I-litter (2+4) born 12/2-2011
Albicans Organizer / Twin Hills Diana
8 weeks

Twin Hills H-litter

Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:48:20

Twin Hills H-litter born 2009
H-litter (4+1) born 4/5-09
(S DK Uch Khalibadh Snögubbe /Twin Hills Diana)
8 weeks

Twin Hills G-litter

Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:47:54

Twin Hills G-litter born 2008

G-litter (3+2) born 21/01-08
(Ch Kahlibadh Snögubbe /Twin Hills Alizé)
7 weeks

Twin Hills F-litter

Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:47:20

Twin Hills F-litter born 2007
F-litter (5+0) born 22/7-07
(Twin Hills Alma/Gomorronsols Fyrmästare på Capri)
7 weeks

Twin Hills E-litter

Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:46:50

Twin Hills E-litter born 2006

E-litter (4+1) born 21/3-06
(S Uch Bokellas Rubeus Hagrid /Twin Hills Boomerang)
8 weeks

Twin Hills D-litter

Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:46:08

Twin Hills D-litter born 2005
D-litter (3+3) born 23/8-05
(S Fin Dk Ch Airescot Sapphire Stallion /Twin Hills Alma)
7 weeks

Twin Hills C-litter

Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:45:42

Twin Hills C-litter born 2004

C-litterborn 08/10-04
(SUCH Airescot Sapphire Stallion /Twin Hills Alizé)
7 weeks

Twin Hills B-litter

Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:44:59

Twin Hills B-litter born 2003

This is our B-litter 6 weeks old born 13/3-03
(Ch Sportingfields Jazz Fest / Ch Bokellas Detroit Red Wings)


Puppies Posted on 2014-08-11 20:44:01

Twin Hills A-litter born 2001

This is our A-litter 5 weeks old born 19/7-01
(Ch Hot Isle Depend On Me / Ch Bokellas Detroit Red Wings)

51 days

Planned litters Posted on 2014-08-11 19:07:08

Mercedes showing off her belly. Happy parents to be JJ and Mercedes

51 days

Planned litters Posted on 2014-08-11 19:02:04

The belly is growing by the day. It is now 51 days since she was mated

Litter August 2014

Planned litters Posted on 2014-08-11 18:50:20

Planned litter late August 2014.
Twin Hills JJ / Twin Hills Incredible Mercedes

Colt’s Legend “Anjin”

Colt´s Legend Posted on 2014-08-11 18:41:38

Internationell & Nordisk Ch Colt´s Legend
(S SF Ch Colt´s Intuition / S SF Ch Colt´s Grend Duchess)

“Anjin” was very succesful in the showring. He become Internationell and Nordic Champion. He was among the 10 best placed Whippets in Sweden for several years.
He has sired litters both in Sweden and Finland.
Anjin died at the age of fourteen in 1998. We’ll miss him deeply.

Albicans Fizgig “Michelle”

Albicans Fizgig Posted on 2014-08-11 18:38:16

Albicans Fizgig born 1998-08-10 2013-03-12
(S Ch Dumbriton Man In A Doublet / Int Nord Ch Carmodey Maria Pettersdotter)

She was just over 14 years when she past quietly away 2013-03-12

She debuted at the Stockholm Open Show February 13 -99, she was Best Puppy.
In addition, she placed BIS-puppy-3 -98. She was not a “show dog”
She lived with my parents

Bokellas Detroit Red Wings “Dani”

Bokellas Detroit Red Wings Posted on 2014-08-11 18:27:51

S Fin Ch Sv-00 Bokellas Detroit Red Wings born 1997-07-28
Veteran bitch of the year 2006
(Bokellas Creme de Menthe / Bokellas Vitesse)

Dani was very special to me, I really loved her so much. She is also the kennels alpha bitch. All our breeding started with her. She has provided great bloodlines.
Dani past away 2013-06-29, almost 16 years old. We had a wonderful life together, miss YOU.

Some of her placements:
CC 12/12-99, Rafael De Santiego, Chile, Best-bitch-3.
CC 23/4-00, Elisabet Janzon, Sweden Best-bitch-2, CACIB
CC 27/7-00, De Ridder-Onghena L, Belgique, BOB, BIG-2, CHAMPION, CACIB
10/12-2000, Ms Pamela Cross Stern, England, Swedish Vinner, BOB, CACIB
15/4 2001, Larry Yuen, Malaysia, BOB, CACIB
31//3 2002, David McIntyre, Canada, BOB, CACIB
19/5 2002, Franco Ferrari, Italy, Best-bitch-2., ,
20/7-02, Dolores Dinneen, Irland, Best-bitch, BOS
21/9-02, Liz Cartledge, GB, Best-Bitch-2
5/7-04, B Lindqvist, Sweden Best-Bitch-2
30/7-04, Heine Martha, Germany Best-Bitch-2, BOB veteran
31/7-04, Geoff Kill, Australia Best-Bitch-2, BOB veteran
1/8-04, Lisbeth Mach, Schweiz, Best-Bitch-4, BOB veteran
14/8-04, Ulla Eriksson, Sweden BOB & BOB veteran
15/8-04, Lee Lynn, Australia BOB veteran
CC 26/9-04 The Finnish Kennelclub Åland Nat,
Kresten Scheel, Denmark Finnish CHAMPION, BOS
26/2-05, Breed judge: Sue Gillespie, Belgium, Best-bitch-5, BOB veteran
BIS judge: Enid Hald, Denmark, BIS veteran
26/3-05, Breed judge: Hans Lehtinen, Finland, Best-bitch-4, BOB veteran
BIS judge: Kurt Nilsson, Sweden, BIS-5 veteran
8/5-05, Breed judge Ove Germundsson, Sweden, Best bitch-3, BOB veteran, BIS-3 veteran
28/5-05, Breed judge Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden Best bitch-3, BOB veteran
2/7-05, Breed judge Karl-Erik Johansson, Sverige Best bitch-4, BOB veteran
23/7-05, Breed judge David Wong, Australia BOB veteran
BIS judge: Gerry Hickey, Irland Rep, BIS-2 veteran
28/5-06, Breed judge Hans Lehtinen, Finland BOB veteran
2/7-06,Breed judge Henrik Johansson, Sweden Best-Bitch-3 BOB veteran
13/8-06, Breed judge Markku Mähönen, Finland Best-Bitch-5 BOB veteran
19/8-06, Breed judge Elisabet Janzon, Sweden Best-Bitch-5 BOB veteran
21/10-06 Breed judge Christophe Coppel, France BOB veteran, BIS-3 veteran
5/4-08 judge Ms Tamara Howarth (Taraly), France BIS veteran
17/8-08 judge Svante Frisk, Sweden Best-Bitch-2, BOB-veteran
6/9-08 judge Jean-Louis Grunheid, France Best-Bitch-3, BOS-veteran
6/9-09 judge Ms Barbara Smith, USA/Sverige Best-Bitch-4, BOB-veteran, BIS-2 veteran
5/10-10 Judge Ms Elisabet Janzon, Sweden, BOB-veteran
5/6-2010 Finska Whippetklubbens Special, Tammela Finland
Judge: Agneta Kappers, Sverige, BOB-veteran
The Swedish Sight Hound Club, Sandviken (Högbro Bruk) 5/10-10 BOB veteran
judge: Elisabet Janzon, Sweden
The Swedish Sight Hound Club, Vallentuna 17/10-10 BOB- and BIS-2 veteran
judge: Marie Gadolin, Sweden
The Swedish Whippet Club, Vingåker 30/10-10 BOB-veteran
judge: Annika Jansson (Hot Isle)

Albicans Cresendo “Toya”

Albicans Cresendo Posted on 2014-08-11 18:13:45

Albicans Cresendo born 1994-06-30
(Int S N DK SV-91-92 Airescot Waistcoat / Int Nord Ch Carmodey Maria Pettersdotter)

Albicans Crescendo “Toya” has quietly fallen asleep over 14 years old, 2008-08-08.
Toya was very special dog and not so fond of children. but she was always faithful to her human dad. We’ll miss you.

Airescot Chanelle

Airescot Chanelle Posted on 2014-08-11 18:07:09

Airescot Chanelle born 1992-12
(Am Ch Sporting Fields Kinsman / N S Ch Moscow´s Anastasia)

Airescot Chanelle passed away almost 15 years old, 2007-11-05.
Chanelle has been a joy beam for us her entire life never had a sick day.
We will always remember you

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